We are the exclusive representatives of Elaflex in Cyprus since 1975.

Due to our active involvement and expansion of network locally ever since, a decision was made to form the company C.Kynigopoulos Technical Ltd which handles and carries out the entire operations of our services.

Mr Chris Kynigopoulos, the founder of C.Kynigopoulos Technical Ltd, was first introduced to Elaflex during his stay in England in the 1970’s when he joined the team of UK representatives of Elaflex after completion of his studies as a Mechanical Engineer.

With the support of Elaflex Germany, and with the aim of eventually returning back to his home-country, Mr Chris – with the assistance of his father, namely, late Mr Stavros Kynigopoulos – introduced the Elaflex brand in Cyprus and became the representative and distributor of the Elaflex brand and products locally.

The quality in and reliability of the Elaflex products as well as the customer orientation and standards of our company, all contributed to the installation of Elaflex products throughout Cyprus.


Since 1975, the Kynigopoulos family has been actively promoting and distributing Elaflex products locally and have expanded the range of products to support, amongst other, the Aviation, Bitumen, Food, Pharmaceutical and Shipping industries of Cyprus.

Our range of products include, amongst other, fueling hoses & nozzles, including aviation hoses and nozzles, bunkering hoses, dry-disconnect couplings, expansion joints, lay-flat hoses, composite hoses, couplings, dry disconnect couplings, etc. We also assemble, service and carry out maintenance of vapor recovery hoses and nozzles.

The business is now run by the third generation of the Kynigopoulos family, who are committed to maintaining the ethos, values and standards of the company as required by family tradition.

We are a customer oriented company with high quality standards, and are proud to be part of the Elaflex distributor team as well as its daughter and affiliated companies, and we look forward to seeing our legacy being passed on to the next generation in the future.